What Did I Do Today?

Next to Sundays, I love Saturdays the best! I look forward to the weekend all week, but it’s over way, way too quickly.

Today was extra good, especially since Friday was really, really – AND I MEAN REALLY – stressful for me. For absolutely no apparent reason, I wore my feelings pinned to my shirtsleeve, and boy did they get knocked around! It was so wonderful to get home and hide in the corner of the family room. My sweet husband was there to comfort me and listen to my crying, and just let my wild emotions run the gamut and wear themselves out.

But after a good night’s sleep, I felt much better today. I got to sleep in, and sew, and go shopping with hubby. I even got to buy some sewing stuff! Oh…and I also got to make a couple of gifts for a Christmas party.

While at the party, our friend read a poem he’d written the day before. He gave me permission to share it – in fact, several people asked for copies. That poem touched others as much as it did me, obviously! So here it is, in its entirety. If you’d like to copy it for someone else, just ask me and I’ll ask Vern for permission.

The Night After Christmas

by Vern Golden

Twas the night after Christmas, the gifts were unwrapped.

I avoided the checkbook, I knew we were strapped,

And I couldn’t help thinking a bit of “What if

our family went over their own fiscal cliff!”

We got all the toys that the children desired,

but in 24 hours, half of those were retired.

Now I was exhausted, the wife was in bed

with a couple of Advil to rescue her head.

I was sensing a touch of post-holiday blues

so I turned on the TV to look at the news.

Right from the get-go I felt like a fool,

What with shootings at malls and then one at a school;

Politicos arguing, crying our need

While they wallow like hogs in the mud of their greed.

The Middle East burning from warfare and blood;

Refugees running from storm and from flood;

Drug abuse, drinking, depression, divorce,

Homelessness, debt – and taxation, of course,

Gave me no reason for holiday cheer,

and faint hope for joy in the coming new year.

I grabbed the remote and shut off the TV.

There was nothing to watch, and yet too much to see.

Not down IN the dumps – I was well underneath!

In anger, I growled at the tree, at the wreath,

And wearing a Scrooge-like, unChristmasy frown,

I decided the Christmas stuff had to come down!

I stepped to the mantle; the manger scene stood

All sweet, cute, and happy. But what was the good?

Three plastic wise men, and shepherds and sheep

Beneath a fake angel, all watched Jesus sleep.

I glared at the child in His fake manger bed,

Seized Mary and Joseph, and angrily said,

There is no peace on earth, no goodwill to men!

We’re no better off than we were way back then!”

But seeing the babe, and His small, plastic smile

Had caused me to pause and reflect for awhile.

Why is the world in the shape that it’s in?

‘Cause most of this planet is lost in its sin!

With Christ in the heart, not just static display,

Our lives find their colors from worldly gray,

Gain meaning and purpose and ultimate joy,

Embracing the love of our God’s Christmas Boy.

This Child that was given to love and to teach

Was killed for our trespasses, every and each.

And then, in the glory of God, He was raised,

and rules now in heaven, His great name be praised!

Joseph and Mary went back on the shelf,

And I fell to my knees then, ashamed of myself.

Giving thanks to the Lord for the gift that He gave,

For the sacrifice made and return from the grave.

I was touched by His spirit and felt pretty good,

And I left all the Christmas stuff right where it stood!

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