Happy ThanksGIVING

This is the month of thanks, and the month of giving. So far I haven’t done enough of either…but is there ever a time when I’ve done ‘enough’?

As for the thanks part…there doesn’t a day go by that I don’t think of several things to thank the LORD for. Usually my drive to/from work finds me talking to the LORD about those things, and things that bother me, and things I need help with decision-making. Sometimes it makes me laugh, though, to wonder what other people think when they see me drive by, mouth working overtime with nobody in the car to hear. :-) It’s OK, though – it’s just the auto-commune system kicking in.

But for the GIVING part . . . well . . . I haven’t done so well on that. Seems the old nature is hard to shake. About the only thing I’ve given (other than a hard time) to anyone is a piece of my mind. That only qualifies as a gift because it’s something nobody asked to receive, and was given freely without expecting a piece of their mind to be given in return.

So, for these last remaining days of November, LORD willing, I’d like to give something of value to somebody every day. Not necessarily of monetary value, but of REAL value. I consider friendship of more value than money. Money is a great tool, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. Friendship outlasts the dollar, because it remains when the dollar doesn’t. So this week, I’d like to make one new friend and then BE a friend to that person.

Another gift of value is service. There is absolutely an endless list of ways to serve others; there is no excuse for me not finding at least one avenue. Just within our church family, at least three calls for help have been offered, and if the LORD allows, I want to answer at least one of them.

Things are great to give, if they’re things a person needs. After I cleaned out my sewing area and gave away all the clothing I’d planned to repurpose, I found that my closet could use the same treatment. I have a lot of pretty nice things that I never wear (too small, too big, etc). And hubby said just this weekend that he needs to clean his closet out. We are so blessed with abundance! So, guess what I’ll be doing this week.

I am thankful that I have some money to share also; today will be the reverse tithing gift (mentioned on my other blog, the REmissionary) for the church. Each time I sell something, I pick a different mission or entity to support through reverse tithing. It’s an exciting thing, more than I thought it would be at first.

So, all that to say this: this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is about Thankful, and I am so thankful to be able to give. Now I just need to find a photo that represents that! So, since there is just not enough space to represent ALL things to be thankful to the LORD for, I’ll choose this one, of bibs made for gifts.

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