Inspiration: an invitation to blog

I noticed that WordPress has put out a midweek writing/photo challenge, about what inspires people to blog. Since I have three blogs, it stood to reason that I’d have to post something on each blog and tell about what inspires me to keep on with it. We’re also supposed to post a photo of ourselves doing the thing that inspired us to blog. Reading the Bible is what inspired me to start this blog (Proverbs 30 pictured here).

Originally, I started it to share my thoughts on my morning devotional. But I get sidetracked too easily, and start doing something other than reading, and the morning is gone. I got discouraged and was just going to give up on this, since I’m so undisciplined. But a friend encouraged me to continue, so here I am. Continuing.

One thing that’s been really inspiring is taking notes during the Sunday sermons. That focuses me on what the message is saying to me personally. A sermon is just a bunch of words marking time until lunch, if a person doesn’t internalize it and make it personal. I didn’t want a time-marker, I wanted a life-changer. So this blog is where I write down the things that impacted me from that Sunday message, and other things that make me sit up and take notice during the week. It’s where I hope to gather other believers to the table with me, to share their thoughts and inspirations and insights and cares and joys and victories and … well, you get the picture.

If you’d like to share your own inspiration for blogging, you can click on this link to the WordPress challenge. You may also get some great inspiration from other bloggers who have shared there.

I'd love to have you comment. Make it respectable and God-honoring, please.

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