Gimme That!

I only got into this blogging thing in March, so I missed out on the annual 30-day giving challenge hosted by another blog I follow, called Keeping the Kingdom First. So this year I’m in. It starts today, November 1, and runs through the end of the month. I’ve already checked out some of the blogs that are involved and gotten some great ideas for giving. Not your normal, run of the mill, here this is for you don’t say I never gave you anything sort of giving. This is REAL giving!

Here’s a teeny, tiny confession: I rarely follow through with long-term commitments like these. This, therefore (remember when you see therefore, what’s it there for?), is more than just a giving challenge for me. It’s a commitment challenge! And I challenge you to hold me to it! Please, ask me if I’ve sought ways to give today, if I’ve been able to bless even one person on any given day, if I’ve actually DONE what I said I’d do.

In the month to come, my hope and prayer is that I will find one person to bless, one way to give something to somebody, every day. Maybe it’s just peace of mind instead of a piece of my mind (that’s usually NOT so peaceful). Maybe it’s just a listening, non-judgmental ear. Whatever it is, this month I would like to dedicate to giving in some way. And I know, when I make a commitment like that, something will come up to try and take my mind off it and lure me away from completing the venture.

I'd love to have you comment. Make it respectable and God-honoring, please.

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