Fence-Riders, Unite!

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is all about “Mine” – something that is mine, or brings memories to mind that are mine, or my place to go and think or thwim. I’m thwimming here, I think. This picture represents a position I’ve claimed as my own for many years, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to share it or not. The position, I mean, not the picture.

All my life I’ve been a bona fide, lily-livered, wishy-washy, card-carrying member in good standing of Fence-Riders Anonymous. In fact, I wanted to be president of my chapter, but I couldn’t decide whether to apply. I only got the job because the other members couldn’t decide if they wanted it either, and didn’t want to make anybody hate them for getting it, so they all picked me. Very comfortable perch, for the most part – but the time has come to resign that prestigious position, climb down off the fence, and make a stand. And I’m putting out a challenge to my fellow Fence-Riders: UNITE!! Here’s a trite and true statement – take a stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. So I’m giving up my perch and taking my stand.

I hate politics. I hate confrontation. I hate lies and slander and misrepresentation and empty promises and unfair treatment and selfish ambitions and misuse of public funds. And I hate being afraid to say I hate these things. Does that make me a hater?

I love Jesus Christ. I love His gentle confrontation when I go astray, and His strong hand that guides me back to where I belong. I love that He fulfills all His promises. They are true and reliable. I love that I can stake my very life on what the Bible says. I love that my soul and spirit and body are totally in His hands, and NOTHING can happen to me that He does not see, and He will help me as I deal with it. Does that make me a lover?

The LORD Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change with the wind or any passing political bias of the day. His mercies never fail. His love never ends.

It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. Lam 3:22-23

He loves me, and He loves you, and His agenda is to accomplish the will of the Father – which is always in the best interests of those He loves. That’s a promise I claim for my own!!

It’s not about me and mine. It’s about Him and His – oh – hey! I am His! And He is mine – so maybe it IS about what’s mine. But I don’t want to keep Him all to myself; He will be yours too, if you want Him. I’ll share!!


  1. inkedvocabulary · October 4, 2012

    Love the picture LubbyGirl and would share this one with you… see below.


    I’m praying for your success in all you have put forth, and also to share my christian site, e ratio verbum (Latin for ‘out of reasoning word’), and please know I’m following you as well. Keep it real… and of God.


    • LubbyGirl · October 4, 2012

      Thank you for this, and for the follow. I was just thinking today about giving up on this blog because I haven’t been doing much with it. Maybe the Lord is telling me to keep it and start developing it more.
      I’m going to go check out your links now…thanks so much!!

  2. Freedomborn · October 4, 2012

    Hi LubbyGirl, thank you for your open and honest sharing although I don’t see you as a Fence Rider but as a woman who Loves God and others, perhaps there was a time that you lacked assurance but your appeal in this message touched my heart and I gave thanks for your bold stand in sharing God’s goodness loud and clear!

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • LubbyGirl · October 4, 2012

      Thank you for that. Yes, I fear that was my claim to fame all my life – too scared to voice an opinion lest it be repudiated and I be ridiculed. That had a lot to do with my upbringing, though, so it’s a natural result. The great thing is that I have been born again, so I get to start all over with my new life – even though some of the residue from the old life clings, it’s gradually being washed away as I grow. But I’m a slow learner! Takes years for some things to sink in!!

  3. Donna · October 4, 2012

    Hello Kindred Sister, Your post has echoed my heart’s prayers. I have been concerned for those that do not know God well enough, to take a stand, for Who He is and what His Will is, for us individually, as His Church, nationally and world wide. It is indeed time to rise up and have united voices declaring His Truth. May all our blogs be used to clean the internet of untruths about our Heavenly Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit… our One God….and a call to rise up in loyal faith to our Faithful God. Thanks for this post!

    • LubbyGirl · October 4, 2012

      A-double-MEN to that!!! Thank you for this!!!

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